AWS Courses in Kochi

AWS Course in Cochin

Before knowing what the AWS course provides, we can see what is AWS. In short, AWS is a level of certification of Amazon Web Services cloud expertise that an IT professional obtains after passing the exams the public cloud provider offers. Clado solutions are a leading institute to provide AWS course in Cochin.

IT professionals are gaining AWS certifications for demonstrating and validating technical cloud knowledge and skills. AWS is providing different certification exams for people like cloud engineers, administrators and architects. This certification will last for 2 years and the IT professionals can recertify it after it expires.

Different Types of AWS Certifications

AWS actually offers six different types of certifications. The certifications are grouped mainly in four different paths – Cloud practitioner, Architect, Developer and Operations and also there are additional sub paths. Now we can see different AWS certifications. Cloud Practitioner Path This certification path is meant for individuals who are looking to build their overall understanding of the AWS cloud. This is especially useful for individuals in technical, managerial, sales, purchasing and also in financial roles who work with the AWS cloud. With the excellence in providing best classes and placement assistance, Clado solutions are the leading company to provide cloud computing courses in Cochin.

Architect Path

This path is actually created for solutions architects, solution design engineers and also for anyone who wants to design applications and systems on AWS. Here there are two sub paths.
– AWS certified solutions architect – Associate: For this certification level students must be able to demonstrate knowledge of how to design, manage and distribute applications and systems in consideration with the AWS tools.
– AWS certified solutions architect – Professional: For this certification level, it is a pre-requisite to complete the associate level. Here we must be able to demonstrate the knowledge of complex AWS applications which includes how to move applications to AWS, optimize AWS architecture for an enterprise and also to apply application design in a best way possible.

Developer Path

Like the architect path, this certification is also of two sub paths.

– AWS certified developer – Associate: IT professionals must prove code level knowledge for AWS application design, development and
maintenance. That too along with a thorough knowledge of the AWS architecture.
– AWS certified DevOps engineer – Professional: This certification requires that applicants compete other levels and have two or more years of experience.

Operations Path

There are two sub paths for this designed for sysops administrators, systems administrators and those in a DevOps role. Clado Solutions are the agency to provide DevOps training in Kochi with skilled team of experts for training.

– AWS certified SysOps administrator – Associate: Provide knowledge of deployment and operations related to AWS architecture and services. This includes application deployment and data mitigation.
– AWS certified DevOps engineer – Professional: This application requires that applicants compete the Associate-level AWS certified Developer or AWS certified SysOps administrator certification exams.

Specialty Path

Similarly, in specialty path there are five sub paths:
– AWS certified Big Data – Speciality
– AWS certified advanced networking – Speciality
– AWS certified security – Speciality
– AWS certified Machine Learning – Speciality
– AWS certified Alexa Skill Building – Speciality